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The Pure Life Society started off as a paper organization in the year 1949

The Pure Life Society started off as a paper organization in the year 1949, aiming at promoting multi-racial and multi-religious understanding through lectures and forums and programmes promoting inter-action through inter-faith conventions, services at the Leper settlement, old folks homes, Serendah Boys’ Home and the like. 

The Society was registered on 15 July 1950. The Founder-President of the Pure Life Society was Swami Satyananda, who, during the years 1945 to 1951, was involved in relief work among the poor, the orphans and the displaced children both in Singapore and Malaya, assisted by Mother (then Sister) Mangalam. 

In 1950 the Society found the need to establish a Home for orphans and underprivileged children as a result of World War II, which left, in its wake, several displaced families of widows and orphans. The first few barrack-like buildings were put up in 1952 by the Pure Life Society.

Following H.H. Swami Satyananda’s demise Mother who was then known as Sister Mangalam was appointed President of the organization in 1961 by virtue of the Society’s Ordinance.

In the year 1957 the Society became a statutory body governed by the Incorporation Ordinance No. 15 of 1957. It is non-sectarian and non-communal, spiritual, cultural, educational and humanitarian in character. Its membership is open to all races and religions. The membership fee for the time being is RM20.00 per year and Life membership is RM300.00.

The activities that are carried out under the auspices of the Pure Life Society are two-pronged:

• INSaF - the promotion of Inter-faith Spiritual Fellowship (INSaF) by way of forums, seminars and service

• Welfare Home - for children who are orphange


Congratulations to all elected members 

From 1950 - 1961

Dr Swami Satyananda, JP, the Founder President of the Pure Life Society and its works, was known to his close associates as an embodiment of caring and sharing, and who has felt intensely the need for multi-religious and multi-cultural unity for survival, especially in a nation such as ours.
He communicated this idea in 1955 to some of his associates who hailed from various races, cultures and religions. Among them were
Dr Muhammad A Rauf, Dr Ooi Keng Seng, Rev Gurney Fox, Sardar Ganga Singh, Sir Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Tan Sri Khir Johari, Dato' E E C Thuraisingham and Mr R Braddel Ramani.
Hence was born the inter-faith movement in the year 1956 and which gain momentum as the years passed by. Though his life-span on earth was short (1909 - 1961), his achievements, in the field of socio-religious services were numerous.
Other than propagating his idea of unity through conferences and group workshops, he set up centres for education, welfare and vocatiohal training under the ambit of the Pure Life Society.
Amid his commitments in uplifting the poor section in society, he found time to write books on history, literature, religious philosophy and psyschology.
The work which Swami Satyananda had started in good faith has snowballed to what it is today, a recognised institution in the eyes of the public.

From 1961 - Present

Mother Mangalam, the Life President of The Pure Life Society was born in Singapore on 17th May 1926.
She was educated at the Raffles Girls’ School until the 2nd World War broke out in 1941. She passed her Cambridge School Certificate in 1947 at the Canossian Convent. She had her Tamil education at the Saradhamani Girls’ School run by the Ramakrishna Mission.
It was here at the age of 10 plus that she first came into contact with the late Swami Satyananda, who founded The Pure Life Society. Swami Satyananda was her mentor. Although she chose teaching as a career, it was social work and social concerns that attracted her most.
Mother Mangalam has received many awards and accolades for her service to humanity, the latest being a national award known as the Merdeka Award for ‘her outstanding contribution in promoting the welfare of the underprivileged and for fostering national unity.’ Has written speeches and articles for magazines and books on social, religious and cultural issues.
A person of quiet disposition, gentle and graceful, Mother Mangalam has devoted the best part of her life for the cause of orphans and homeless children. It is to her credit that nearly 2000 children have passed through the doors of The Pure Life Society Orphanage since its inception in 1952.  


The Home maintains 66 children at the moment. However, the figure fluctuates. They are housed in 4 dorms according to their respective age-groups and gender. Staff and volunteers staying in are 13 for the time being.

There are also a few cases of disowned and mentally challenged persons. Up-to-date the Society has maintained about 2000 children of all races and creeds.

All children go to national or national types of school. There are a few who have been put to vocational education


The accounts are audited by an Internal Auditor who gives half yearly reports to the Management. The accounts are also audited by the External Auditors nominated by the General Body. A report on the audited annual accounts together with the activities are sent annually to the members of the organization.
Official Organs – Annual Report/Bulletin/Dharma
We have 3 official organs, which are produced as tools of communication with our members. They are, the Annual Report, a requirement by statute, a half-yearly bulletin and a half-yearly ‘Dharma’ magazine. There are delays in the production of the latter two as we depend on volunteers who try their best