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VISION - To be a centre of excellence for human welfare and well-being through the realization of ONE GOD, ONE WORLD, ONE RACE

MISSION - To promote the spirit of unity in the face of diversity through service to the community irrespective of race or,creed.




Spiritual Awareness

The Society holds prayer meetings twice a week (Friday evenings and Sunday mornings). Services are also conducted at the request of members and well wishers for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, memorials and thanksgiving services. The Society also celebrates the main religious festivals at the temple like Wesak, Mother Mary’s Birthday, Deepavali, The Holy Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Guru Poornima (All Guru’s Day), Sri Krishna Jayanthi, and the 9-Day Spiritual Retreat ‘Navarathri’ which stresses the sacredness of Motherhood. The aim is to promote respect and appreciation of all religious schools of thought

Education in Human Values
Education in human values is conducted every week to all the wards of the Home who are divided into 4 groups according to age. This is manned by teachers trained in this course. 

Sporting Activities

Basket Ball
A basket ball court has been funded by the Japanese Embassy in the Boys’ Wing. This court is used ardently by our boys. Friendly matches are also held by the Society.
Self Defence
Silambam, Taekwando and Karate are also taught. All children are required to participate in at least one of above the classes. They are graded and sent for tests and competitions
There is a well-equipped Gym which is used regularly by the boys.
The children are coached on a regular basis by a volunteer.
Indoor Games
Indoor games are played during rainy days when the children stay indoors. Play/work stations have been set up in individual dorms and closely supervised by House Mothers, Home Manager and the Educational Facilitator. We have carom, chess, puzzles, sewing, art & writing stations. 


Vocational Education

Vocational Education
One female ward has been sent to YWCA for a beautician course. 5 male wards have been sent to TEKAT college in Kajang for automobile technology training. These children were found to be academically weak and therefore sent for vocational training where they are doing well.


Weekly yoga classes for the teenagers are being conducted.
Indian Classical Dance
Bharata Natyam is a branch of Indian Classical Dance. The children are being taught by a qualified dance instructor once a week
The Home pays RM33.00 an hour to tutors who teach pupils from Std 1 to Form 5. All the major school subjects are taught by these teachers and volunteers.


The Home enjoys the facility of having its own pharmacy which is stocked by well-wishing doctors who donate medicines and vitamins which is administered by a stay-in nurse-aide.
The laundry which was set up by us a few years ago is used to wash curtains and bed linen and clothes of a very little children.
There is a large library with a huge collection of valuable books. There is also a junior library for the children which is used on a daily basis. The culture of reading has been slowly inculcated in the children.
Computer Literacy
We have 2 computer laboratories. One is in the Main Complex which was set up by one of our members who is a qualified ICT Consultant. The other laboratory is in the Boys’ Wing which was funded by the German Embassy. The senior children make use of the laboratories for their school projects. Currently efforts are being made to upgrade both the computer laboratories.
Sewing & Handicraft
All children are taught needlework in batches and the older children are taught tailoring after school hours. The Sewing and Handicraft Centre is well equipped with 12 sewing machines.
Bread is baked twice a week at our in-house bakery for the consumption of our children and staff.