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International Yoga Day

 please bring your yoga mat to join the pratical session

Dress Code    : Track suit and T shirts
Theme Color : white
Age                 : 14 and above

Date : Saturday 24 June 2017
Time : 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Venue: Temple of the universal spirit, Pure Life Society Jalan Puchong, KL
Contact: Thevaky 016 537 2568

The Connection

Mr Sangat listening attentively


10th Swami Saryananda Memorial lecture

Evolve Spiritually: The Journey Within

The spiritual journey evolves slowly but
surely. The goal of a spiritual journey is
not the completion of the journey, but the
full involvement along the path of happiness.
This means that everything that happens
to you along the path is relevant to your progress.

Unity in diversity

the global community united as one