Inter-faith Spiritual Fellowship (INSaF)


Vijaya Samarawickrama obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Universiti Malaya, a Master of Arts degree in Drama and Theatre from the University of Hawaii, and a Teaching Certificate from the University of Liverpool.
Vijaya is a prominent figure in Buddhist circles, giving more than 100 talks in Universities, schools and Dhamma centres each year for the last five decades. Besides being the Patron of the Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society, Kuala Lumpur, he is also the Chairmman of Nalanda Institute’s Education team. He has represented Malaysia in numerous Buddhist conventions and conferences, both locally and abroad. He has also given numerous inspiring dhamma talks throughout Malaysia, in Singapore and Australia. More infor here


Many people speak about spirituality with various understandings. Some people are on the spiritual path, but nowadays very few are actually under formal guidance
of the spiritual masters. Most of the great saints we  learn about were themselves disciples of great mastersSolid color intro with an image on the right side. Also this block has no paddings...More info here


Who am I? What am I? What is my true identity?
How do thoughts come and go?
How can I control them?
How do my thoughts and feelings interact with the body?
How do I make my mind powerful?
Why do we experience emotions, feelings, tension and stress?
How does one develop behavioural patterns, traits etc., and how to change them?
How do I lead a life of peace and bliss?
These are some of the areas that will be covered during the talk on “KnowingThyself” More info here

International Day Of Peace

It's UN International Day of Peace once again - and let's together join hands and commemorate this significant and meaningful day.
The opening ceremony of the Peace Promenade by YBhg Datin Paduka A. Mangalam, President of PLS on International Day of Peace, together with the Zimbabwean ambassador and other dignitaries and religious leaders, portrayed peace and harmony prevailing among people from different walks of life.

INSaF / PLS is pleased to collaborate with PfPM, JPNIN, RT, SCI, PCORE, HANDS, MYCOM, MIYC, MPT, and partners to promote and support the International Day of Peace... More info here


Father Sebastian, a learned Jesuit Priest took thae 40 odd attendees on a discovery journey showing the similarity of the bible according to John and the Bhavagita in reaching out to the people. He shared with us the 4 levels of Consciouness and the Divinisation of the Human
More pics of the event here

10th Swami Satyananda Lecture
15 July 2017
Tan Sri Soma Hall



Date : Saturday 15 July 2017
Time : 9.00am - 1.00pm
Venue: Auditorium Tan Sri Soma Hall
            Wisma Tun SambanTan
           Kuala Lumpur
Contact: Thevaky 016 537 2568


Dress Code : Track suit and T shirts
Theme Color : white.. Age : 14 and above
Date : Saturday 24 June 2017
Time : 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Venue: Temple of the universal spirit, Pure Life Society Jalan Puchong, KL
Contact: Thevaky 016 537 2568


Visit by Ms. Maria Crespo, Director of CC Development, URI, on 17 May'17 was highly appreciated by all INSaF members, including the Chairman and our PLS President. The meeting was extremely interesting and the interactive session was well participated. Exchange of knowledge and ideas were done very professionally by all..

Paradigm Shift Book Launch

10th Swami Satyananda Memorial Lecture and Paradigm Shift Book Launch , author: Mr Joachim Huang on 15th July 2017.  

Classical Instrumental (Fusion) - Innocence)