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Mission - To promote the spirit of unity in the face of diversity through service to the community irrespective of race or,religion

• Vision - To be a centre of excellence for human welfare and well-being through the realization of ONE GOD, ONE WORLD, ONE RACE


Pure Life Society holds its Annual General Meeting once a year where the members of the Society elect office-bearers. The elected members numbering 10 and above form the Management Committee. The year 2010 saw the formation of an Executive Council composed of the Vice-President, the Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and the heads of the sub-committees who where empowered to discuss salient issues for presentation to the Management Committee. 

The Management Committee is assisted by the sub-committees in charge of the various sections of service which meet every 2 months led by their respective Chairpersons. In accordance with the powers given by the general body, the Management Committee approves, ratifies and receives reports from the Chairpersons of the sub-committees.


• Case Investigation Unit

• Property& Maintenance

• Administration & Human Resource

• Home & Welfare 

• Finance

The Case Investigation Unit under the wing of the Welfare is set up to assist in the admission and discharge of children as well as to attend to disciplinary problems among children. The chairman of this Unit needs to be a Qualified Social Worker. The full Management Operational Organisation Chart


The accounts are audited by an Internal Auditor who gives half yearly reports to the Management. The accounts are also audited by the External Auditors nominated by the General Body. A report on the audited annual accounts together with the activities are sent annually to the members of the organization.
Official Organs – Annual Report/Bulletin/Dharma
We have 3 official organs, which are produced as tools of communication with our members. They are, the Annual Report, a requirement by statute, a half-yearly bulletin and a half-yearly ‘Dharma’ magazine. There are delays in the production of the latter two as we depend on volunteers who try their best


Spiritual Awareness

The Society holds prayer meetings twice a week (Friday evenings and Sunday mornings). Services are also conducted at the request of members and well wishers for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, memorials and thanksgiving services. Read More

Sporting Activities

All children are required to participate in at least one of above the classes. They are graded sent for tests and competitions,The Center has a variety of indoor and out door sporting activities..Read more

Vocational Education

Children found to be skill orientated are further sent for vocational training where they can further excel in the trade of their liking...Read more


The Home caters for the needs of the children with medical which is  administered by a stay-in nurse-aide and visiting doctors. Other facilities like laundry, computer literacy are being provided..Read more