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An empowering video

"My background can never be my weakness."

The daughters of sex workers, these girls grew up in Mumbai's red light district. Now they're telling their stories at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. (Via BBC Stories) Watch video here


Stalls are run by single mothers and women from the lower income group who are trying their best to make ends meet for their loved ones. This is your chance to spend directly towards a good cause.
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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE : Awareness & Prevention

According to policed sources, between 2014 to 2016, 15617 domestic violence cases were reported. Abused victims were of both genders. Today, this may be a topic not directly related to you, but you may know someone who needs help. PLSWW is providing such an avenue where we have invited an experienced speaker to share about this topic and what is our role in stopping this form of violence.

Datin Poonam Kukreja

She celebrates life by enriching the poor and the needy. Her extraordinary life from her early days till today has been full of sacrifices and yet glorious, steady and compassionate. Her lovely smile comes from a heart of gold and full of love. She is a role model for many.
Vice President of Pure Life Society; Chairperson of Women’s Wing of Pure Life Society; Author of five books; Mother of three amazing children; Wife to a successful business entrepreneur and above all …………..A LADY VISIONARY.
So let’s get inspired with this visionary woman, Datin Poonam Kukreja.
This event is exclusively for women only... Watch the video here