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The Home maintains 70 children at the moment. However, the figure fluctuates. It has been the trend that these children were brought in by their single parents, relatives or guardians, all of them for various reasons beyond their control. The Case Investigation Unit under the Home and Welfare Sub-Committee attends to admission of wards as well as to their discharge They are housed in 4 dorms according to their respective age-groups and gender. 


Day-Care Programme
Taking into consideration the current situation, the PLS also providing day-care facilities at its premises for 15 children. This Daycare programme helps to accommodate more children who needs attention after school to spend their time in tuition classes. Activities centered on character building are also being carried out to these children while they are at PLS.




Yoga class

Yoga classes are conducted by two experienced volunteers from Malaysia Yoga Society. The class is conducted for two hours, once a week, for all the wards. The senior boys and senior girls have their classes on alternate weeks.



A professional instructor conducts silambam training for 20 selected wards, once a week. Classes for the senior boys are held separately at the Boys’ Wing. Two of the senior children have green belts, the others are wearing white belts.


Bharatha Natyam – Indian Classical Dance

Selected junior and senior children attend Bharatha Natyam classes conducted by a professional instructor once a week for two hours per session. There is also a volunteer instructor who gives classes for 2 hours a week.


Art Class

An instructor conducts art lessons for two hours every Tuesday at the Main Wing for selected children who are interested in art work. Children involved in the class have produced various items such as ‘thank you’ cards, artificial flowers and oil paintings. Re-cyclable material is also used to produce handicraft.


Indoor Games  

Indoor games are played during rainy days when the children stay indoors. Play/work stations have been set up in individual dorms and closely supervised by House Mothers, the Warden and the Educational Facilitator. We have carom, chess, puzzles and crosswords.


Sewing Class

The in-house sewing instructress, teaches needle work and tailoring for children who show interest in this field. The objective of this program is to provide hands-on training for our children, in order to equip them with basic tailoring skills. Besides tailoring, handicraft-based intricate needlework is produced for sale at Charity Bazaars.


“Life in Gardening” Skills 

All the senior children and some selected junior ones “become gardeners” three times a week for about an hour. These children have the benefit of learning about caring for the environment while they “green” the earth. This activity, besides giving us a good supply of vegetables for the table, helps the environment under the “Green Earth” policy.


Counselling Classes

A licensed counselor has been assigned to give counseling to selected wards. The counseling session is being conducted every Sunday for 2 hours. The counselor gives monthly reports on the progress of counseling to enable better monitoring of the children’s psychological condition.



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Echoes from the valley of hope

Mother Mangalam started to serve the patients when she followed Dr Swami Satyananda, the founder of Pure Life Society, to the Sungai Buloh Settlement as his assistant in 1951. During her first visit, she was shocked and heart-broken to see so many disabled leprosy patients.
The current site of the Pure Life Society was not even ready yet when the welfare home took in the first batch of children. She said that they had previously taken in a boy who had leprosy and they had to take him out to receive sulphone injections every week. He recovered fully when he was in secondary school, found a good job after graduating and is now a skilled worker. Before he got married, he returned to the welfare home to get her blessing. He has become a grandfather now.
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