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We cannot avoid talking about the psychic being when it comes to wholesome development. In the words of Yogi Shuddhananda Bharati (the Society’s first pa-tron), “health is not measured by weight. Health is an in-ner condition. A psychic well-being of the entire system”. Dharma Vol 52.3


What is religion

The word religion has its root in Latin which reads as re ligare meaning to bind back. ‘To bind back’ to what? - to the Source from which one comes and that is the Divine principle. And the human body is a sacred instrument with all its intricate machinery, that will have to be kept undefiled in order to facilitate this ‘binding back’. Dharma Vol 52.1...


Introduction of religious teachings

Despite the current trends of scientific and tech-nological progress and rising standards of materialistic living that we see developing around us, man has not yet learnt to live together in real understanding and genuine friendship.. Dharma Vol 51.2...

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DPM: No place for religious hatred here

DPM: No place for religious hatred here
Dr Wan Azizah greets Datin Paduka Mother Mangalam Iyaswary Iyer at The Christmas Day Hi-Tea Reception.
There is no place for religious hatred in the country and Malaysians must look after this land to the best of their ability, says Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.
The Deputy Prime Minister said the government would not hesitate to take action against those who threatened the country’s peace.
“Fake news, inflammatory messages and messages that stoke religious hatred have no place in Malaysia Baru (New Malaysia),” she said when addressing a Christmas hi-tea reception at the Luther Centre here on Christmas Day.. The Star 27 Dec 2018


The Goodness Of Malaysians 

Pure Life Society co-founder optimistic the ‘goodness of Malaysians will prevail’
Malaysians have become less united over the years but prominent social activist Datin Paduka A. Mangalam (pic) is optimistic that “the goodness of my fellow countrymen will prevail at the end of the day”. 

The Star 6 September 2014


A Tireless Champion Of The Poor 

Love for the underprivileged keeps Mother Mangalam young at heart
With the aid of a walking stick and a helper, Datin Paduka Mother A. Mangalam slowly descends from the staircase of her abode. At 88, her gait is much slower than when we met a few years ago. She looks frail, but her mind is still sharp. 

The Star 3 October 2014 

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