The Pure Life Society Women’s Wing (PLSWW) was initiated by Datin Paduka (Dr) Mother A. Mangalam, President of the Pure Life Society to address the socio- economic needs of women of all classes in society.



The purpose for the setting up of the Women’s Wing include but are not limited to:

• advocate and promote women’s upliftment in the areas of education, social, health care and employment through community initiatives and advocacy, workshops training, and seminars at personal, community and society level

• enable women to enhance and develop their quality of life and become architects of their future by presenting opportunities for spiritual,educational, and economic transformation

The Pure Life Society Womens Wing through its activities
• shall develop and empower women in the areas of education, healthcare, financial and social aspects of their life.

• shall promote healthy lifestyle, healthcare and proper nutrition for women and children.

• shall educate women about financial management and assist
them to save and grow their income, to move them out of poverty and into a life of financial independence and self-sufficiency.

• shall promote gender equality in the areas of education and
employment opportunities.

• shall promote appropriate measures mechanisms and strategies for prevention and elimination of all forms of violation of rights of women including protection of victims, subject to domestic violence, rape or other forms of violence.  


She celebrates life by enriching the poor and the needy. Her extraordinary life from her early days till today has been full of sacrifices and yet glorious, steady and compassionate. Her lovely smile comes from a heart of gold and full of love. She is a role model for many.
Vice President of Pure Life Society; Chairperson of Women’s Wing of Pure Life Society; Author of five books; Mother of three amazing children; Wife to a successful business entrepreneur and above all …………..A LADY VISIONARY.
So let’s get inspired with this visionary woman, Datin Poonam Kukreja.
This event is exclusively for women only... Watch the video here


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